Get straight to earning and learning 


A career in primary industries offers income and education – plus a solid
career path in industries needing qualified, capable people ready to grow.


Free tertiary fees plus an income!

The Government’s new tertiary policy means eligible trainees and apprentices in the primary industries can access up to two years’ fees free training. Trainees already in programmes say learning on the job, at full pay, offers significant benefits they couldn’t find in other sectors.


Are you eligible for fees-free study? 


For eligible industry trainees and apprentices, fees-free covers up to the first two years of their programme. 


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Nick Bailey

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"It's been easy to study so far"

Aaron Finlay

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Josh Symes

Arboriculture Provides Winning Career Path For Josh

Harriet Gardner

Keeping the World’s Mega Rich Comfortable at Sea

Stacey Krivan

"You can see you’re achieving and getting somewhere which is great"


Many primary sector roles are outside and energetic, working with animals and machinery. There’s also often the chance to work with cutting-edge technology, to be part of a great team and to keep moving up.

Start by finding out what careers interest you, before finding the job that will set you on the earning and learning pathway.